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Pledge to Support GMO Food Labeling in Oregon!

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Pledge to Support GMO Food Labeling in Oregon!

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Petition Statement

I support the campaign to label genetically engineered (GMO) food in Oregon.

Oregonians deserve to vote for their right to know what foods they eat and feed to their families.
There are currently 6,200 signatures. NEW goal - We need 7,500 signatures!

Petition Background

The majority of Oregonians want the right to choose what kinds of food to eat and feed our families, but right now no one has that right because powerful corporate interests have prevented adequate regulation of genetically engineered foods (GMOs) and continue to keep us in the dark about what is in the foods that we eat.

If I can know how much sugar, fat and sodium is in my food, it only makes sense that I should know whether or not any of the ingredients came from GMOs.

We have a unique chance to make history in Oregon this November by passing a GMO food labeling initiative through a popular vote.

Stand with tens of thousands of Oregonians to support this state ballot measure to give us the right to know what's in our food.

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