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Petition statement to be delivered to Rep. Fred Upton (MI-6)

Representative Fred Upton: Please take a leadership role in the nation's transition to clean energy.

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Representative Fred Upton: Please take a leadership role in the nation's transition to clean energy.

To be delivered to Rep. Fred Upton (MI-6)

Petition Statement

Please stop pushing outdated big-oil energy solutions. As Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, you should be one of the nation’s strongest advocates for the business of researching, developing, and producing green energy, not black. If you can't take on that role, please retire.
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Petition Background

Representative Fred Upton (R-MI-06) says he supports an "all of the above" energy policy. For Upton, "all of the above" means full-blast fracking, drilling on public land, offshore drilling, legislating on behalf of the Keystone XL pipeline and "dozens more" like it, looser emission standards, expedited licensing and permitting for fossil fuel burners, diminished EPA regulatory authority, killing clean-energy initiatives in his House Energy and Commerce Committee, and other favors for dirty energy's big-money interests. He justifies his five-year battle on behalf of the Keystone XL pipeline as part of his "vision" for the nation's "New Architecture of Abundance."

Upton’s constituents do not believe in his "vision." We see nothing new about continuing to spew fossil fuel exhaust. We see eternal abundance in wind and sunshine.

Upton's fight for more pipelines and his fight to undermine the EPA continues while the EPA oversees the Enbridge pipeline cleanup that dumped the worst inland oil spill in US history into the Kalamazoo River in Upton's Southwest Michigan Congressional District.

Upton spins his committee's support for dirty energy as "protecting jobs" and "taking care of the economy." Meanwhile, bills that encourage commerce in clean energy die in Upton's Energy and Commerce Committee.

Upton’s constituents understand that he would best serve the nation’s interest if his Energy and Commerce Committee would stop doing favors for dirty energy and, instead, would encourage the research, development, production, and delivery of clean energy—the kind of commerce that would clearly benefit the environment and the economy while creating true and permanent job growth.

Upton, now in his fourth year as chairman, could have taken a leading role in the nation’s—and thereby the planet’s—all-important transition from dirty energy to clean. Upton has forsaken his leadership responsibility. He has capitulated to the big-money corporate interests that are pushing us toward our own extinction.

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