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Governor Christie: It's time to resign

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Governor Christie: It's time to resign

To be delivered to Governor Phil Murphy

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It's time to finally take responsibility and resign.
There are currently 13,838 signatures. NEW goal - We need 15,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Members of Gov. Christie's inner circle deliberately caused a four-day traffic snarl in Fort Lee, New Jersey, in an act of vengeance against the town’s mayor who refused to endorse the Governor’s re-election bid.

And now, a Friday afternoon bombshell: the Port Authority Official who closed two lanes on the George Washington Bridge now says that Chris Christie knew about the closures.

Nearly every day has brought new revelations, and the picture they paint is ugly. The Christie Administration has turned disaster relief money and public roads into weapons of political retaliation, and Chris Christie is nothing if not a micromanager of his Administration.

The traffic jam that the Christie administration caused meant upwards of five hour delays for commuters and residents. Even worse, it delayed ambulances responding to medical emergencies.

Using the powers of office to punish your political enemies is disgusting. Using your powers of office to punish the people they represent is unforgivable.

Chris Christie is unfit for the office he serves, much less the presidency he seeks.

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