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Boycott Home Depot (Co-founder supports Trump)

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Boycott Home Depot (Co-founder supports Trump)

To be delivered to CRAIG MENEAR, CEO

Petition Statement

The Hispanic and Latino community, who are a huge part of Home Depot's workforce, clientele, and success, will not shut up, but rather stand up and speak up against the endorsement of racist Trump by one of Home Depot's co-founders, Bernie Marcus. Boycott and sign the petition so that the Hispanic and Latino buying power is acknowledged, respected, and felt by Home Depot, its shareholders, and its investors.
There are currently 1,418 signatures. NEW goal - We need 2,000 signatures!

Petition Background

The Hispanic and Latino community are a huge clientele and work force of Home Depot, affording Home Depot in reaching the pinnacle of a successful corporation. For one of the co-founders, Bernie Marcus, to support a xenophobic, misogynistic, racist bigot like Donald Trump and stand by his divisive, hateful rhetoric is beyond acceptable and appalling.

We will stand up and speak up, hitting Home Depot where it hurts the most: in their stock value, reputation, and pocket book. Si se puede!

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