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Petition statement to be delivered to Sen. Dean Heller (NV-1)

Put Pressure on Reid to get Filibuster Reform

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Put Pressure on Reid to get Filibuster Reform

To be delivered to Sen. Dean Heller (NV-1)

Petition Statement

I pledge to boycott Nevada, including not traveling to Las Vegas, Reno, or Lake Tahoe's Nevada resorts, until Sen. Harry Reid makes serious efforts to reform filibusters to end their abuse.
There are currently 390 signatures. NEW goal - We need 400 signatures!

Petition Background

Filibusters are killing everything we care about: gun control, climate, jobs, health care, protecting and enhancing the safety net, etc. We have to change this.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had a great opportunity to bring about reform at the beginning of the 113th Congress, but he caved in. His "compromise" gave us nothing. He must take firm action to bring about reform that really will make filibusters rare.

Sen. Reid is from Nevada. The only influence most of us have over him is the tourism that Nevada depends on. By choosing to vacation or gamble elsewhere, we can put economic pressure on our Majority Leader to take the actions we all so desperately need.

So let's take our tourism dollars elsewhere. Instead of Las Vegas or Reno, visit San Francisco or New Orleans. Help Native Americans by going to an Indian Casino. Instead of the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, stay on the California side. Don't spend any less money or create any fewer jobs; just choose where you want that money to go.

Nevada residents: We understand you can't actually pledge to avoid Nevada. Please sign, though, as a sign of solidarity with us. We are not out to hurt Nevada. We fully expect that getting a good number of signatures on this petition will help Reid feel he can take action. Knowing Nevadans will be with him on filibuster reform will make it easier for him to make this decision. And when Reid acts, we'll tell everyone to make a point of spending EXTRA money in Nevada.

Filibusters used to be rare. It was understood by both parties that they should be used only for exceptional circumstances. Many bills passed with a slim majority, less than what would be needed to overcome a filibuster.

Now we have rule by "two-fifths majority." Nothing can get passed without 60 votes. And running a filibuster does not even require showing up. Only the number of votes to end debate matters. Not voting and not showing up counts as if you want debate to continue in order to kill the bill.

If we are to have a filibuster at all, we must at least require a "talking filibuster." Those wanting to obstruct government must care enough to be dedicated to show up and keep talking. A filibuster must end if fewer than 41 senators are present to keep it going, and the majority must be able to keep retesting the resolve of the minority by calling for periodic cloture votes.

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