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Calling on all candidates: Support Elizabeth Warren’s agenda for Wall Street Reform

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Calling on all candidates: Support Elizabeth Warren’s agenda for Wall Street Reform

To be delivered to All Presidential Candidates

Petition Statement

We call on you to support the no-nonsense proposals laid out by Senator Elizabeth Warren in her speech on the “unfinished business of financial reform.” That means making a commitment to and working for action to:

• Reduce the size and power of the Too Big to Fail banks and restore the Glass-Steagall division between investment and commercial banking;
• Stop Wall Street from gambling with low-cost, government-backed debt;
• Change the tax code to discourage excess leverage and recklessness on the part of bankers and traders;
• Enact a financial transaction tax to restrain high-frequency trading and wasteful speculation; and
• Lay down rules to ensure that the big banks are held accountable when they violate the law.
There are currently 373 signatures. NEW goal - We need 400 signatures!

Petition Background

Elizabeth Warren gave an important speech last week on the state of Wall Street reform six-and-a-half years after the financial crisis. Let’s a send a message to the entire 2016 field: support Senator Warren’s no-nonsense agenda.

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