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Petition statement to be delivered to Janice Winfrey, Detroit City Clerk

City Clerk Winfrey: Come to the neighborhoods

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City Clerk Winfrey: Come to the neighborhoods

To be delivered to Janice Winfrey, Detroit City Clerk

Petition Statement

Open a full-time City Clerk service center in every City Council district.
There are currently 154 signatures. NEW goal - We need 200 signatures!

Petition Background

The City Clerk is the doorway to democracy, information, and accountability in Detroit.

But right now, every Detroiter doesn’t have equitable access to in-person services close to where they live. In order to drop off their ballot in person, or make official records request face-to-face with someone, Detroiters must get to one of two locations in or near downtown, search for parking, risk a parking ticket, even go through security. That's not accessible service.

By opening real service centers in all seven City Council districts, the City Clerk can meet people where they are, close to home, making information easier to access, empowering Detroit residents and business owners can focus on making their communities the best they can be.

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