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Petition statement to be delivered to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Demand Vote By Mail for All!

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Demand Vote By Mail for All!

To be delivered to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Petition Statement

Voter suppression laws that make it harder to vote have gotten out of hand. It’s time for the nation to follow Oregon’s lead and make it easier to vote – not harder.

It’s time for Congress to require that every state make Vote By Mail easily available to all voters. Voting by mail breaks down barriers to voting for seniors, working families, disabled Americans and young voters. It puts the brakes on voter suppression and voter intimidation. And it will encourage greater participation in our democracy. Let’s get it done!
There are currently 4,561 signatures. NEW goal - We need 5,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Low voter turnout helped Donald J. Trump win the election. It hurt Democrats up and down the ballot.

A big part of the problem: We make it way too hard to vote.

Voter suppression laws are part of it. Long lines, too. Confusion about polling places and buggy voting machines don’t help. Or the fact that Election Day is a work day. Illness, travel, transit troubles, and child care conundrums can all conspire to keep people from the polls. And sometimes, voter intimidation.

The solution: Vote by mail for all – just like we’ve had in Oregon for nearly two decades. Sign the Petition: Let’s make Vote By Mail available to all American voters!

For many years, Oregon has consistently had much stronger voter turnout than the rest of America -- and this year, more Oregonians voted than in any previous election.

Why? In part, we make it easy to vote. Oregonians are now automatically registered when we visit the DMV, and it’s easy to register or update your information online. We get our ballots delivered three weeks before Election Day. We have plenty of time to study the issues and candidates and make informed decisions, on our own time, in our own home, with our ballot in hand.

Nobody can intimidate you, threaten your eligibility, or tell you you’re at the wrong polling place. Nothing gets in the way of you exercising your right to vote. And that’s how it should be for every voter in America.

My proposal in the U.S. Senate will make vote by mail a reality for all. Add your name right now and let’s make this the last election where Americans are kept from exercising their right to vote!

-- Senator Ron Wyden

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