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DONALD TRUMP Please Stand Behind Chronic Lyme Disease Patients Being Denied Coverage And Treatment!

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DONALD TRUMP Please Stand Behind Chronic Lyme Disease Patients Being Denied Coverage And Treatment!

To be delivered to Donald Trump

Petition Statement

There are millions of people in the U.S. that had to go to 25 or more specialists to finally get diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease bc NONE of the doctors are properly trained in Lyme, and they use in accurate testing. Is this the doctor's fault? No....It's the CDC and IDSA's fault. The IDSA and CDC guidelines for the treatment and diagnosing of Lyme has been proven time and time again to be highly flawed and inaccurate, and yet they haven't changed it! The CDC and IDSA claim that Chronic Lyme doesn't exist based off of THEIR OWN studies, while completely ignoring over 700 peer-reviewed studies showing Chronic Lyme exists. The CDC and IDSA say that Late Stage Lyme patients can be cured with 4 week of antibiotics, and I'm sorry but that statement is beyond RIDICULOUS. If that were true, why are so many people still sick and protesting in front of the White House?! People are being undiagnosed and/or misdiagnosed as everything from Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, Alzheimers, etc AND even dying due to Lyme every single day due to there being zero Lyme training for doctors. How can a doctor diagnose and treat you, yet alone know what to look for, if they haven't been trained in Lyme?! Every single doctor needs ILADS training in Lyme due to Lyme being able to wreak havoc on every single organ in the body. In addition, these doctors need to be trained in parasites, fungi, and coinfections such as Mycoplasma, Babesia, Bartonella, EBV, Cytomegalovirus, HHV6, etc. because Lyme has never been JUST LYME... it's a multi-systemic disease! In addition, doctors need to be using the Igenex test. Currently, doctors are using tests like (lab corp and quest) which are beyond inaccurate and catch only 30% of cases thereby giving most people false negatives. Lab Corp and Quest tests only look for a few strains of Lyme. This in itself does not make sense to be using inaccurate tests when there are far more accurate (CLIA approved) tests available that actually test for all 300 strains of Lyme rather than just a handful of them! Instead of state medical boards punishing docs for treating Lyme patients, maybe we should start punishing the ones who do not test for it. Doctors need to realize that Lyme is not just in the north, it is all over the place and lots of it! I mean, birds travel and we fly on planes, so it's pretty ridiculous to think that ticks would remain in one area. In addition, individuals of the CDC and IDSA need to be investigated for corruption. By corruption, I am referring to their monetary conflicts of interest with insurance companies, lab testing companies, patents, and pharmaceutical companies when it comes to Lyme Disease. One last thing, once the CDC and IDSA finally admit that Chronic Lyme is real, the insurance companies need to start paying for some of our expensive treatments. WE are not a small group.... WE ARE HUGE and growing in numbers. WE are not going anywhere. LYME IS THE NEW AIDS!
There are currently 3,470 signatures. NEW goal - We need 4,000 signatures!

Petition Background

I am starting this petition bc my life has been turned upside down due to Chronic Lyme Disease and the sad part is that it all could have been prevented had my doctor ben properly trained in Lyme Disease. I showed my doctor a huge tick that I had just pulled out of my head, and he told me that you could not get Lyme Disease in the South! Almost a decade later, guess who is sick with Chronic Lyme? Me. I hate to break it to you doc, but Lyme is all over the South! Had he known to give me 2 months worth of antibiotics that day, there is a good chance that I wold not be sick and struggling right now. If you catch this while acute, you have a good chance in eradicating it. If you catch this a year, 3 year, 10 years, down the road, 4 weeks of antibiotics is not going to cure you of Chronic Lyme! Lyme is in every single state and all over the world. Lyme is by far the biggest pandemic and epidemic that we are facing right now, and all the media can talk about is Zika and Ebola. Even Cytomegalovirus has upwords of 400,000 cases in the U.S. right now, and once again, the media...crickets.

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