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Petition statement to be delivered to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA-12)

Don't Hold a Vote on TPP After the Election

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Don't Hold a Vote on TPP After the Election

To be delivered to Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA-12)

Petition Statement

Leader Pelosi: Publicly oppose any attempt to pass Trans-Pacific Partnership in a lame duck session.

The TPP presents an unprecedented threat to many of the goals we share and for which we appreciate your leadership: good jobs, higher wages, strong climate policies and a livable environment, affordable medicines, safe food, and human rights.
There are currently 13,050 signatures. NEW goal - We need 15,000 signatures!

Petition Background

The recently-signed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was negotiated behind closed doors with hundreds of corporate advisors. It would make it easier to offshore good jobs, push down our wages, and undermine essential climate policies, affordable medicines, safe food, human rights & an open Internet.

The proposed TPP trade agreement should never pass, and especially not be voted on during the “lame duck” session of Congress after the election — that unique moment in the political calendar when Representatives who have retired or been voted out of office still hold their seats for a short time and political accountability to constituents is at its lowest.

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and countless other progressive leaders have announced opposition to a lame duck vote on the TPP. But House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has refused to take a position. Her public position will have enormous influence on how other House Democrats vote.

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