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End the tax-exempt status of the Donald J. Trump Foundation

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End the tax-exempt status of the Donald J. Trump Foundation

To be delivered to Internal Revenue Service

Petition Statement

The Donald J. Trump Foundation has been linked to numerous scandals. Now, it has been exposed that Trump may have illegally used $258,000 of his nonprofit foundation's money to settle his own for-profit business' lawsuits--which would be another clear violation of Internal Revenue Service rules regarding his foundation's use of charitable funds.

Enough is enough. Demand that the Internal Revenue Service revoke the tax-exempt status of the Donald J. Trump Foundation immediately.
There are currently 1,066 signatures. NEW goal - We need 2,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Recently, The Washington Post revealed that Trump has spent $258,000 from his nonprofit, tax-exempt foundation to pay legal settlements for his own for-profit business. And he is actually bragging about it: boasting that this was good business sense because it was "other people's money."

This outrageous and abundantly unethical behavior concerning tax-exempt organizations must not go unpunished.

If the IRS finds that the $258,000 Trump used for personal court settlements violated the law, the self-proclaimed billionaire will likely skate by with a minimal fine and/or a mandate for reimbursement.

These slaps on the wrist won't go far enough. The new cases of likely llegal behavior are just the most recent scandals involving Trump’s morally-bankrupt, tax-exempt foundation:

* Just last week, New York's Attorney General Eric Schneiderman opened a full investigation into the foundation.
* The foundation gave an illegal $25,000 campaign contribution to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi just days before she decided not to investigate Trump University fraud charges in 2013. This gift was found to be in violation of IRS tax laws, and Trump was required to pay a penalty tax of $2,500 and reimburse his own foundation for the full $25,000.
* He has blatantly used his foundation's money to buy himself personal items and memorabilia, such as a football helmet signed by former NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow.

Enough is enough: Will you join me by signing the petition telling the IRS to immediately revoke the tax-exempt status for the Donald J. Trump Foundation?

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