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To be delivered to Governor Jerry Brown

Petition Statement

Stop caving in to the gun lobby and the NRA. Support legislation to outlaw all assault rifles in California. You vetoed such a bill a few weeks ago, and another person was murdered with one of these military-type weapons in Los Angeles' LAX airport on November 1, 2013.
There are currently 21,542 signatures. NEW goal - We need 25,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Californians die every year from gun violence because of loopholes that permit criminals and dangerously mentally-ill people to get their hands on military-type guns, which have only one purpose–to kill human beings.

Governor Brown recently vetoed SB 374, which would have banned sales or possession of semi-automatic rifles with detachable ammunition clips, –- the very kind of guns that were used in the mass murders of theater-goers in Colorado and innocent children in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, and in the LAX killing on November 1, 2013.

Most gun safety advocates are not after legitimate gun owners' weapons which are used for hunting or self-protection--that's a false rumor spread by the Gun Lobby and the NRA to frighten gun owners into thinking we want to take their guns away.

Sign this petition to urge Governor Brown to stand up to the Gun Lobby and the NRA--to protect innocent Californians from slaughter by criminals and dangerously mental-ill persons.

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