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Petition statement to be delivered to Donna Brazile, Interim DNC Chairwoman

Make Bernie the Nominee

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Make Bernie the Nominee

To be delivered to Donna Brazile, Interim DNC Chairwoman

Petition Statement

Everyone, except those still fooled by damage control propaganda, now knows, or at least suspects, that Hillary Clinton has very serious health problems, ones which make her clearly unelectable. She needs to withdraw, and be replaced by Bernie Sanders, the only nominee who can and will prevail in November to prevent the unmitigated disaster of a Trump presidency. We urge you to immediately bring back Bernie by making him the nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States.
There are currently 101 signatures. NEW goal - We need 200 signatures!

Petition Background

This is a very critical moment for us all, as well as a grand opportunity. Many of those who have nominated Clinton now must realize their fatal error and anxiously seek a way to overcome it. The only viable option is to replace Hillary with Bernie, and do it asap. The struggle continues, and victory is certain, if we act quickly and massively.

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