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No Wall, No Way!

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No Wall, No Way!

To be delivered to Democratic Senators

Petition Statement

Declare "No Wall, No Way" and announce you'll block any attempt to fund this expensive, useless symbol of Trump's craven and xenophobic fearmongering.
There are currently 479 signatures. NEW goal - We need 500 signatures!

Petition Background

Donald Trump has made building a wall along the border with Mexico a centerpiece of his campaign. It's part of his ruthless assault on immigrants, something that he has continued with relentless bigotry even after his visit to Mexico. And he continues to claim that Mexico will pay for that wall—something the Mexican president again refuted just this week.

If Mexico isn't paying for the wall, it's the imperative that the U.S. Senate makes clear that America won't pay for it either. It's a ridiculous idea—an expensive farce that won't solve any real problems facing our country. And Democratic Senators—who have said they oppose Trump's delusional anti-immigration proposals—have the power to tear down that wall before it's even built by publicly stating they will block any measure to fund the wall if Trump is elected.

If Democratic Senators draw the line now, they'll force Trump to do what he hates: Discuss details—such as how much the wall would cost, how it would be funded, and what good it would actually do.

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