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Petition statement to be delivered to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Remove Donald Trump From Office

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Remove Donald Trump From Office

To be delivered to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Petition Statement

In the short amount of time since his inauguration, Donald Trump has repeatedly shown that he is incapable of performing the duties of the President of the United States. Based on Amendment 25, Section 4 of the Constitution, he should be removed from office.
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Petition Background

I am starting this petition because I am concerned for the welfare of this country and all its peoples, whether here as citizens or as guests. We have an acting president who has shown neither the capacity to lead nor the temperament to behave rationally. As a result, I believe we as Americans need to implore our members of Congress to remove and replace this person before he can do irreparable harm to our safety and livelihood.

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