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Petition statement to be delivered to Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (HI-1)

Rep Colleen Hanabusa: Renounce your New Democrat Coalition membership

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Rep Colleen Hanabusa: Renounce your New Democrat Coalition membership

To be delivered to Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (HI-1)

Petition Statement

Representative Colleen Hanabusa: Renounce your membership in the Blue Dog successor organization the New Democrat Coalition.

This organization has worked to weaken financial regulations, shape health care reform to favor the insurance companies, and fatten the wallets of defense contractors, and it has become the successor to the corrupt K Street Project. It serves to funnel Wall Street, defense contractor, and big agriculture money into your pockets at the expense of those of us who elected you to serve OUR interests, not the interests of these big corporations.
There are currently 241 signatures. NEW goal - We need 300 signatures!

Petition Background

MoveOn.org and various other progressive and environmental organizations endorsed Hanabusa in the 2010 House election based on her promise not to join the Blue Dogs (like her opponent).
She betrayed (in spirit) that promise by joining the Blue Dog successor organization, New Democrat Coalition (NDC).
NDC has been called "The Coalition Pharma and Wall Street Love" by Pro Publica who says its "close relationship with several hundred Washington lobbyists has made their organization one of the most successful political money machines since the Republican K Street Project"

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