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Petition statement to be delivered to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA-1)

Senator Feinstein: Hold a Public Hearing on CIA Drone Strikes

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Senator Feinstein: Hold a Public Hearing on CIA Drone Strikes

To be delivered to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (CA-1)

Petition Statement

The Senate Intelligence Committee should hold a public hearing on drone strikes. This hearing should try to establish the truth about conflicting claims between CIA officials and mainstream U.S. press reports about civilian casualties from drone strikes.
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Petition Background

The Senate Intelligence Committee has never held a public hearing on CIA drone strikes. There are basic facts about the policy the public needs to know to make an informed judgment. Is it true, as the New York Times has reported based on interviews with U.S. officials, that the CIA is counting every "military-age male" killed by a drone strikes as a "militant"? What does this mean for the claim that civilian casualties have been "rare"? If civilian casualties have not been "rare," the public needs to know that. A recent UNC study indicated that public support for military action depends as much on the risk of harm to innocent civilians as it does on the risk of harm to U.S. soldiers.

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