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Senators: Confirm Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense

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Senators: Confirm Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense

To be delivered to The United States Senate

Petition Statement

Speak up publicly for and vote to confirm Chuck Hagel as our next Secretary of Defense.
There are currently 30,137 signatures. NEW goal - We need 40,000 signatures!

Petition Background

President Obama has nominated former Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. As Secretary of Defense, Hagel will work to end the war in Afghanistan, cut the Pentagon budget, and prevent war with Iran. Cutting the Pentagon and foreign wars will free money for domestic needs, like preventing cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits. Right-wing pro-war groups are working to block the Hagel nomination. Urge your Senators to speak up for and vote to confirm President Obama's nominee, Chuck Hagel.

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