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Petition statement to be delivered to The Maine State House and The Maine State Senate

Support presidential tax transparency in Maine

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Support presidential tax transparency in Maine

To be delivered to The Maine State House and The Maine State Senate

Petition Statement

LD 1422, "An Act To Require Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates To Disclose Their Federal Income Tax Returns," would require that future candidates disclose their returns to in order to qualify for a place on the Maine ballot.

As my legislator, you have the power to act. Please vote for LD 1422, so future voters can judge potential conflicts of interest for our nation's future commanders in chief and negotiators in chief.

Thank you for your work as my legislator, and best of luck in finishing up this session!
There are currently 1,827 signatures. NEW goal - We need 2,000 signatures!

Petition Background

It's been an unwritten rule for four decades. By disclosing their tax returns, presidential candidates have let us know if they had potential conflicts of interest - BEFORE they were elected to negotiate and make war on our behalf.

It's time to write down this unwritten rule. It's time to require this of any candidate wanting to be placed on the Maine ballot, and wanting to be our next military and policy commander-in-chief.

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