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Petition statement to be delivered to City of Chicago residents

Take Charge Chicago: Impose term limits on Chicago's mayor

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Take Charge Chicago: Impose term limits on Chicago's mayor

To be delivered to City of Chicago residents

Petition Statement

Open the doors of Chicago City Hall. Impose a term limit on Chicago’s Mayor in time for the 2019 election and create an elected Consumer Advocate.
There are currently 2,229 signatures. NEW goal - We need 3,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Why term limit the mayor? Chicago is the only city among the nation’s ten largest without mayoral term limits. Presidents are term limited; mayors of 20 Illinois communities, too. Incumbent Chicago mayors outspend challengers by huge margins thanks to millionaire pals and lobbyists with clout. The only way to oust the wealthy insiders at City Hall is through this binding referendum.

The elected Consumer Advocate is similar to New York City’s Public Advocate, a post (once held by Mark Green and Bill de Blasio) which fights for the vulnerable. The Chicago Consumer Advocate will be a champion for tenants, working moms, cable users, safe drinking water, minimum wage, CTA riders, fair taxes, and foster kids, for example.

We need 100,000 in-person signatures of registered Chicago voters to put this on the ballot. Then, if a majority say “Yes” to the two questions, both would be effective in time for the 2019 election. The current mayor would be ineligible to run in 2019.

Petitions and referendums work. I’ve used these tools of change to cut the size of the Illinois House by a third, and help create the Citizens Utility Board, Illinois’ largest consumer group.

Way back in 1976, I led a petition drive (635,158 signatures!) which ended the 100-year-old practice of Illinois legislators taking their entire annual salary on the first day in office. Grassroots petition drives led by everyday people make reform possible!

Help us get 100,000 in-person signatures for the Take Charge Chicago petition drive by adding your name and signing up to volunteer today.

I’ve said there are two types of people in life: the movers and shakers, and those who are moved and shaken. MoveOn.org activists are movers and shakers: Let’s open up City Hall and let the people in!

Note: The Take Charge Chicago drive is not an online signature process. Learn more at TakeChargeChicago.org and download a copy of the official petition to circulate.

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