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Petition statement to be delivered to Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com CEO

Tell Amazon: Dump Trump

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Tell Amazon: Dump Trump

To be delivered to Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com CEO

Petition Statement

Reject Trump's sexism, racism, and xenophobia. Stop selling Trump products.
There are currently 68,202 signatures. NEW goal - We need 75,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Despite Donald Trump's sexist, racist comments, Amazon is promoting and profiting from him and his brand.

The online behemoth sells Trump's line of menswear--even though companies like Macy's bailed on Trump's brand of hate last year.

Trump is inciting violence at his rallies and spewing vitriol that white supremacists like David Duke love. So why is Amazon continuing to support the Trump empire? Many of us use Amazon, and the company has responded to our pressure before over the selling of sexist products. It needs to follow suit when it comes to Trump products. Will you add your name now?

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