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Petition statement to be delivered to Governor Terry McAuliffe

Tell Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell to veto proposed voter ID laws

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Tell Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell to veto proposed voter ID laws

To be delivered to Governor Terry McAuliffe

Petition Statement

Several bills have passed the General Assembly that would make it harder for Virginians to vote. There is no demonstrated need for stricter voter identification laws in Virginia. Veto these bills and any attempt to disenfranchise voters in the Commonwealth.
There are currently 5,392 signatures. NEW goal - We need 7,500 signatures!

Petition Background

Partisan extremists in the General Assembly have just rammed through legislation designed to make it harder for Virginians to vote. The proposed legislation does nothing to combat voter fraud and is nothing more than an attempt to suppress voter turnout. These efforts need to be stopped. Newspapers across the Commonwealth have berated the Republicans’ attack on voting rights as "a throwback to the Jim Crow era," "an impediment to voting that would adversely affect poor, elderly and minority voters," and "a burden on citizens who are homebound, disabled, deployed in the military, away at college or otherwise unable to vote in person."

These proposed laws would limit the forms of acceptable voter identification, adding obstacles for many voters. Governor McDonnell himself has acknowledged that the current system works. We should not make it more difficult for people to vote.

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